Birth of Lucavera!

Everyday I am feeling excited and full of ideas! So many things that I want to get realised: translations and publishing of books, giving workshops about permaculture, food forests, wild edibles, natural child care, alternative lifestyle and photography.Ideas of what I can and wish to do are born on anytime of the day. I wish to be a at the service of where I can apply my vision and my knowledge fully.

The name Lucavera- because it was a name that I called my child-to-be- born, as I did not know if it will become a girl or a boy. Striking my belly, I called my baby sweet Lucavera. Therefore, my business it is a tribute to my sun Luca. His name means Light from Latin translation. And Vera means Faith in Russian.┬áLucavera. Faith in Light ­čÖé

May my wildest dreams get realized!
May I plant foodforests and permaculture gardens in whole Russia & Ukraine and the rest of the world!
May I be content and happy with every obstacle and joy that comes on my way!
May I work with great, creative, kind and loving people!
May I my work be a holiday for me, that feeds my soul!
May I bring Light&Love everywhere I go!

Anastasia Limareva